Thursday 23 August 2012

Hey Friends,
I am Dobbie, the slice of life
I am a cool, friendly and jolly guy from Harvest Gold.

You know me right!
I am a part of your daily life; you begain your day with me.
You trust me, love me and at times share me.
Tabhi to I say, Bread Hoon, Product nahin.

So, always remember,
whenever karni ho dil ki baat,
Or chahiye meri advice,
Ya phir you wanna have some fun,
main hoon na.
Reach me out, share your stories,

Would love to chat.
Tab tak ke liye haste khate raho dosto!


  1. Now dobbie comes with plastic pieces

  2. Hi there, pardon me for pointing out a spelling error in 2nd paragraph. It should be "begin" and not "begain".